Home Dog Boarding is different from kennels. We keep your dog in our house with our own dogs and your dog is treated as one of the family. It is a service that is tailored to you and your dog's needs ensuring the least disruption to your dog's routine.

This is especially suitable for smaller dogs and dogs who are perhaps more shy or enjoy being part of the family.


Our dogs are very friendly and very tolerant of all other dogs. We encourage interaction and exercise all the dogs together in our large, secure horse arena using toys and equipment to give dogs a stimulating time.


We take the health and happiness of dogs very seriously and if your dog(s) have any particular needs we will accommodate them without difficulty.


The charge is £12.50 for a small dog, £14.50 for a medium dog, £16.50 for a large dog and £18.50 for giant breeds per night. We'll discuss your exact requirements and agree a price beforehand.


Food is charged at cost if we buy it and you can provide food yourself if that suits you better.


Finally, we recognise that the final rush when going on holiday can be hectic so we offer a pick up and drop off service.

Home Dog Boarding