Horse Trekking 

Burra is made up of two islands linked together by a small "brig". We are situated on the East Isle. There are several options for trekking on the East Isle that will suit various rider's ambitions and there is a good trek to the West Isle and a stunning beach to trot or gallop along.


The unspoilt environment and the stunning scenery creates a fantastic experience for all ages and abilities of rider.


We have several treks in Burra that range in length. They run between beginning of May and the end of October. 


The shorter treks are suitable for most abilities and the longer trek is more suitable for people with reasonable riding experience.


However, we have some limitations. No more than two beginner riders on any one trek; No children under 12 unless they are experienced; Maximum weight 14.5 stone/ 200 lbs/ 92kg. 

The prices range between £72 per person to £96 per person (which includes vat) depending on the length of the trek.


The scenery (see below) is beautiful whichever trek you take.