Horse Trekking 

Burra is made up of two islands linked together by a small "brig". We are situated on the East Isle. There are several options for trekking on the East Isle that will suit various rider's ambitions. 


The unspoilt environment and the stunning scenery creates a fantastic experience for people who come here.

We have three treks in Burra that range in length. They run between beginning of May and the end of September, all treks are weather dependent. 


The shorter Trek takes about one hour and is to the top of a hill where you have an amazing panoramic view of Shetland. This trek is suitable for beginners and more experienced riders. (maximum of two beginner riders in any one trek)
The cost of this trek is £75. 

The second trek takes about two hours and is over a tombolo along a long grassy track and down to an ancient settlement called Symbister, this trek can be extended to cover a further distance over a hill where you have a fantastic view of the island of South Havra and a cliff arch into the sea. If you choose the extended version of this trek it takes about two and a half hours in total.
This trek is suitable for people with some riding experience to very experienced riders but is only available from June to August as it requires the ground to be dry.

The cost of this trek is £85 or £95 if you wish to do the extended version.

The third trek takes about two and a half hours and requires quite a lot of road riding but it eventually takes you to a beautiful sandy beach with golden sands. 
This trek is only for very experienced riders because of all the road riding. 
This trek is dependent on the tide times. 
The cost of this trek is £95.

We do have some limitations.
No more than two beginner riders on any one trek; No children under 12 unless they are experienced riders; Maximum weight 14.5 stone/ 200 lbs/ 92kg. 

You will need to let me know age, height and weight of each rider along with some information about what riding experience each person has before I can tell you which trek is available to you.


The scenery (see below) is beautiful whichever trek you take.